Ditch the scattered marketing efforts and connect with customers using a strategy that's uniquely you. Get back to doing more of what you love while increasing your bottom line. Ready to simplify? Let's dig in.




You and your business are one-of-a-kind. Are you following the competition or creating a new path based on your unique strengths? Using a signature process, we'll help you identify your unique position in the market. We identify your dream clients and methods to connect and create exceptional experiences. 


Have you achieved all the goals you set for yourself and your business? By reevaluating your current course of action and implementing a strategic plan, you can streamline tasks, reduce overwhelm and focus on doing what you love with a renewed sense of excitement.


One-on-one consulting for creative entrepreneurs and group consulting workshops for businesses are available. To schedule a free discovery session, email hello@athertonandco.com.


“Julia’s consul has been invaluable to me during the launch of two new brands as well as re-branding an established, 35 year old company. She has an in-depth understanding of marketing and sales with an innate skill at recognizing the most effective strategy. She asked questions I would have never thought to inquire about our customer base and industry, challenging me to open my mind and see the company more holistically. Her knowledge of tried and true techniques, out-of-the-box thinking and infectious energy accelerated the growth of my businesses. She is an indispensable asset in my entrepreneur’s toolbox.”
— Lisa Suriano, Founder and CEO of the Veggication Program and Healthy Snack Solutions