Are you struggling to tell a compelling story about your company, product or service? Are your team members seeking clarity and a deeper understanding of what makes your brand special? A team workshop may be the best place to start. 

We offer one day workshops that focus on organizing your business around your core beliefs, articulating those beliefs as a message and uniting your team with a clear vision and strategy.

During our time together we will explore your businesses core beliefs and path for the future. Through a series of fun and collaborative exercises, your team will gain the following results:

  • Establish your brand’s place in the world and why it matters.
  • Teach members how to talk about your brand, messaging and offerings in any conversation or setting.
  • Understand your group strengths, skills, and points of differentiation. 
  • Identify opportunities to improve overall customer satisfaction.
  • Align your brand strategy with your unique advantages so you can make the right marketing decisions.
  • Develop a summary of your core values and message.

The experience is part strategy session, part therapy, part creative workshop with hands on activities to spark fresh ideas. In the end you and your team will have a meaningful understanding of who you are, what you stand for and more energy to pursue your big goals for the future. 

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