Julia’s infectious, warm energy immediately made me feel calm, yet fired up to start making plans to take the next big step with my magazine. She inspired me , gave me reassuring guidance, and made me feel like “Yeah, I got this!”. She’s really rooting for you!
— Sara Clark, Founder of Reach Magazine
Julia’s counsel has been invaluable to me during the launch of two new brands as well as re-branding an established, 35-year-old company. She has an in-depth understanding of how to engage customers with an innate skill at recognizing the most effective strategy. She asked questions I would have never thought to inquire about our customer base and industry, challenging me to open my mind and see the company more holistically. Her marketing and sales experience, out-of-the-box thinking and infectious energy accelerated the growth of my businesses. She is an indispensable asset in my entrepreneur’s toolbox.
— Lisa Suriano, Founder and CEO of the Veggication Program and Healthy Snack Solutions
One of the best decisions we made was to hire Julia. She met with us regularly, kept us on track, and turned our vision into reality. Julia is very professional, always responsive, and extremely flexible; she has an uncanny ability to keep us calm in stressful situations and brought a wonderful sense of humor to the table.
— Maureen McNeil, Board President at the Turning Point Center of Chittenden County
There is an aspect to my work that is energized by a personally transformative life event. I wanted to build a brand that captured the essence of that with purpose and beauty. In doing this work it is important for me to connect with people and services that also hold a higher purpose. Julia is one of those people. This has been reflected to me through her focus on my story, her attention to capturing the vision, and in her full presence in the process of supporting me as I move my life experience into a business that honors a deep sense of purpose. Julia is authentic and real in her passionate approach to her work.
— Kimberly Evans, Founder of Nourish Radiance
Julia is a magician who took two Baby Boomers to a new level of business with branding. Every business should have a Julia Atherton, no matter what your level of revenue or what time in your business career you are in. She will help you transform your business by directing your focus on who you are and how you want to be seen by the public.

When we first met Julia, we knew she was bubbly, positive, and a dynamic personality but we had no idea how she could help our small real estate team in Vermont. Branding seemed like a concept for big corporations. With Julia’s help, we looked at our business carefully, who our clients are, who we enjoy working with. She made us dig deep, and we discovered who we are as a company and what we have to offer our customers and clients. For the first time since we started our real estate team, we became purposeful in order to create a marketing strategy.

Julia then gave us profiles of whom to market to, how to market to them, and created marketing pieces that spoke to who we are and the services we offer. We hired her for the complete package — photos that support our brand, social media advice, web profiles, and logos. When we hired a marketing and operations person for our team, she came back to make sure our hire was on board with our brand.

Julia checks in from time-to-time in case we get stalled. Her genuine caring about us as a business and as people is obvious — she really works with the whole picture, and that means helping us in all aspects of our business, even building up our confidence when we don’t think we can execute plans. She really is a cheerleader for our team. We are grateful for all the help she gave us and recommend her whole-heartedly!

— Karin Ericson, Broker & Realtor, The Ericson Team at KW VERMONT
“Julia made the Green Slice brand come to life and was a great resource to have on my side.”
— Véronique Beittel, Founder & Owner at Flemish Lion LLC
It is a rare gift to work with someone who can provide both practical wisdom and inspired guidance in a way that helps you hone and direct your vision with clarity and confidence. Julia shines in this way and is a true gem. She has been an amazing support since the inception of my business. I am so grateful to know her and highly recommend her services to anyone seeking lasting success as an entrepreneur.
— Ilana Sobo, Owner of Shakti Botanica
My Brand Intensive with Julia provided the key steps I needed to understand my target customer and my brand. I left feeling more confident about who I am as an entrepreneur, how I want that voice to come through my business, and what my next move should be. Julia’s marketing expertise and her words of positivity makes her the person I reach out to when I’m struggling with a business decision or need to feel connected and supported.
— Jess Akey, Owner of Belaperle
Julia has helped me define my personal and professional traits to get a deeper understanding of my business goals and competition. She offered recommendations that were useful, insightful and doable to grow my business. Her energy, focus, and passion for branding are genuine. She didn’t just tell me what I wanted to hear; she found the heart of my brand.
— Lindzey Chaffin, Owner & Creative Director at Rae Graphic Design